Quad Cortex Wish List

With four signal paths per preset, the ability to SELECT an entire signal path as as single unit and to be able to copy and paste it into an empty signal path in another preset. Maybe it can already do this. Don’t know why I can’t get an answer from anyone whether it can do this or why I seem to be the only person on planet earth that wants this, as it was the primary reason I returned the Helix a couple years ago.

I you’re like me you create some presets that probably only require one signal path anyway for commonly used go-to sounds. Since you don’t have spillover and gapless switching, if you want instant access to this sound in a few of your songs, you must recreate this entire signal path into every new song-specific preset you create that requires it. Without the ability to copy and paste whole signal paths as a unit, you would need to copy/paste/save each effect block your go-to sound requires, going back and forth between your go to preset and the new song specific preset you are creating over and over again.


Or copy the preset and edit from there, or use scenes.

A good idea would be to deliver the QC with armored foil on the display instead of the thin one. Those that are also available for smartphones.

That might work. I guess in general I might need to change the way I organize. I don’t have that many go-to’s so maybe just building a few super preset templates that contain most of the effects tweaked just so would suffice. I’m curious as to the number of effect blocks you can have in a single preset and if you can combine the four signal paths into one super long signal path? Obviously I’d never need that many effect blocks active at the same time, but if I’m building a super preset template, I want to have lots of effect blocks bypassed, and from there be able to set up the excess scenes for situations beyond my normal needs for the song I’m creating the preset for. One thing I didn’t like about the helix was that I had created 5 song specific presets for my Sunday morning set list. It turned out that I needed to be the one to transition between a couple of the songs and had to figure out how to get from song 1’s preset to song 2’s preset without a break in my playing. I had no intention of trying to fit everything I needed for the two songs into another new preset, even if it had the DSP. I create song specific presets when I have time, precisely so on busy weeks I can just take 1 minute to plop them in the order I need them. Keeping them no more complex than I need also helps me remember how and why I set them up the way that I did if I don’t use that song for a while.

But I will say, that with all the amazing power, features and possibilities of this unit, it seems like a small thing to be able to copy an entire signal path and paste into an unused signal path in another preset; there are times when this would be helpful and it doesn’t seem to me (knowing little of software engineering) why this couldn’t be a simple thing to add.

It seems to me that the intuitiveness of the process is slightly violated on the setup page of the cabinet simulator. We can move the white circle horizontally and vertically, but it is completely incomprehensible which of these directions is responsible for the distance, and which for the position (of course, it can be determined by the reaction of the knobs, but this is somewhat wrong). It seems to me that the speaker should be drawn not in front, but in profile, then the interface will become more logical. Something like that, but less skeuomorphic than mine (I don’t like skeuomorphism, but I liked this speaker :slight_smile: ):

From the side view, we can definitely say that moving up/down will change the position, and right/left - the distance.

  • Marshall YJM Amp,
  • the cab he’s using
  • Yngwies od pedals, all that he’s been using :slight_smile:

Modeling some fx pedals specifically voiced for acoustics guitar would be great e.g LR Baggs Align series, and acoustic overdrives, etc. ideally QC can be one rig setup for both electric and acoustic guitars

I’d like to see some early Fender tweed amps. something really good fotr blues. ie… SRV, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer…


I think it would be very interesting for everyone (musicians and developers) not to forget the bass players and all our specific gear, like amps, cabinets, preamps, mics, effects, etc…

For example… a good “analog” bass chorus, an Acoustic 360 Amp & Cabinet, Trace Elliot, Gallien Krueger, Ampeg (as much as you can!), EBS amps (Fafner, TD660, HD360, etc…)

I know there is a dedicated section of it, but I will like see it growing and growing…



A major feature would be not in the QC its self , but a piece of software that could convert Kemper and/of AxeFX profiles/tone match into a profile for the QC…
If this already suggested, please don’t shoot the bassplayer … :wink: