Quad Cortex will not output any sound, but it says there is -18db of volume through every input and output, even though there is nothing connected to it but the power cable


I pre-ordered my quad cortex and I’ve been using it almost daily the last two years. An issue began about half a year ago where I would turn on my Quad cortex and it would output a large amount of high gain white noise. This issue would resolve itself after about a minute, or if it continued, a reboot would fix it and it would no longer be noisy.

This morning I turned on my device and it will not out put any sound whatsoever. Upon inspection of the I/O setting it says that there is a constant signal of -18.1db running through all of my inputs and outputs. I have unplugged everything from the device besides the power cable.

I’m not really sure what to do and I’m getting frustrated. I have been restarting my quad cortex many times throughout the day and the issue is not going away… Has anyone encountered this problem? Or should I reach out to the official support email?

Sage Hale

I would open a ticket with support@neuraldsp.com to log and hopefully resolve your issue. Have you tried completing a factory reset (e.g. make a backup, save locally or on the cloud, factory reset then restore)?

I haven’t tried doing that yet as I wasn’t aware that was a possibility. I will open up a ticket with support and try factory resetting later today. Thank you!

I’ve had mine for about 2 -1/2 years, and suddenly experiencing this too. I reported it to support, and they needed me to send it back for repair under warranty. I just shipped it a few days ago.

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Thanks for the reply. Currently working with support, but it’s nice to know that they are taking the issue seriously in your case.

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