output issues after start up

Hey guys

So Since downloading core 2.0.1 i have been having issues with my quad cortex on start up. Every time i turn on the device it will boot up as expected however there will be no output sound. I have everything routed on the grid input 1 - multi outputs for 1/2 & 3/4. When I open the I/O window input 1 is getting a single from my guitar. What is really strange is that Output 1/2 are showing an output single as you would expect however, there is no sound. Mute is off. i have tested cables and monitors on the output side and everything is fine. I have figured out that if i unplug TRS from OP1/2 rear I/O panel - turn qc on- wait for the neural boot screen- plug in OP1/2 while the device is turning on. about 33% of the time it will then give me sound through the monitors. Not sure what is going on here? is this a bug or an issue with the outputs that needs to be repaired?

It’s probably a simple configuration issue but do you get output if you unplug everything and only use headphones to monitor? You also indicated you are using TRS cables from OUT1/2, what are you connected to for monitoring? Is this occurring on a specific preset and or all presets? Lastly, you have backed up the QC and then performed a factory reset? If that works, try restoring your backup and see if that fixes your issue. Worst case, email support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted quickly.

Same issue occurs through the headphone out. I’m using XLR -1/4ich at the speaker end. I’ve checked the cables and they work fine with other devices. I’ve also tried just out 3/4 just the 1/4 inch. Same issue is happening across all presets. Lastly, I did do a back up and factory reset but the issue has persisted.

I Had a show this weekend with the same effect, no audio from XLR, Headphones or any other out. I performed a restart of the unit 5 times, and then the Audio was there.
Not a confidence-inspiring feeling. I have now played over 70 shows in the past two years and have never had any problems until now. If this continues, I will probably have to remove the QC from the setup.