Cortex Output Issues

Hi! Before I start, I have reached out to the Neural support team and am waiting for a response. In the meantime, I thought I would reach out here for help.

I have an issue with outputs 3 and 4 on my Quad Cortex. I played a tour not long ago with my bass and Cortex. No issues at all. Plugged into input 1 and my output was output 3 straight into my amp. Sounded great.

However, I just tried to plug it in again, no change in settings. Outputs 3 and 4 are both extremely quiet (barely audible) through both my amp and my audio interface. I am using new cables and have also tested with different cables. I have checked my input and output settings and signals. Both are healthy signals. Any advice on what may be happening and how to fix it? I have also done a factory reset, which did not help at all. Thanks!

I had this same problem, but only output 3. It was so quiet, it might as well have been silent. I had to crank everything in order to hear it even slightly, and I had normal signal levels the whole time. I also did a factory reset and basically every possible troubleshooting option.

I got Sweetwater to replace it because I didn’t want wait for my unit to be sent all the was to Finland and back. I can’t promise Sweetwater will do the same thing for you, but it’s worth giving them a call!

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Thanks so much for the reply!!