Issues with M1 MacBook Pro when QC is connected via USB

Hi there,

not sure where exactly to post this as I am not 100% sure what exactly causes this issue…

Since a few months I have sporadic issue with Logic Pro X and the Quad Cortex.

I have a project in Logic in which I have all the songs my band plays with MIDI automations(preset & scene changes) for the QC, drum tracks to practice at home, along with the actual songs.
Logic is also providing the tempo information to the QC for time based effects.

At first everything works as expected, but for some reason the playback header in Logic visually desync’s from the audio, I only notice this because it doesn’t line up with the beat anymore.

At some random point after this visual desync happens, I will get a stuttering in the audio coming from Logic, which is trying to sync everything back together, which as you can guess is really irritating…

Similiar thing happens with Guitar Pro 7.

This doesn’t always happen, sometimes it occurs straight away, sometimes it doesn’t occur at all.

Also, when the QC is selected as audio output device in the system settings it will cause sporadic heavy lags on my MacBook.

Since this only occurs when the QC is connected/being used I thought it made sense to post it here…

Happy to provide more information!

Regards TexTr0

This has been happening before 2.2.0 and is still happening with it

I am NOT running macOS Sonoma yet!