Neural DSP QUAD Cortex Dac concverter quality

Hi all! i am new in here!. I preordred the Neural QC two days ago,
Since some have a DAC/headphoneamp i really hope you can answer this

I acutally have ordered a dac/headphone amp (topping dx7 pro and it will be shipped sometime late february unless i cancelled the order) i ordred it because i want to use headphone output with my headphone (audeze lcd-2 classic which has impedance 75ohm), and input sounds are from my pc into the neural dsp cortex, do you guys think its waste of money (should i cancel the order) because the converter in modellers are generally in very high quality ??
i dont any other interface or hardware.

what do you guys think??

best regards Kim

I suspect that headphone output direct from the unit will be high enough to drive studio monitor headphones just fine. I’ve never had issues with headphone output on much less expensive interfaces.

I think a headphone amp is not needed, unless for listening to music from your pc or stereo.

i want to listen to music and my guitarplaying with Neural quad UI , and setup is this --> PC soundcdard output (music song >> input Quad Cortex (guitar sounds and music sounds >> headphone output >>
and the i have doubts whether the quad cortex dac converter is high quality or i should get the headphone amp/dac combo ??

We’re using 24-bit Cirrus Logic codecs (part number CS4385).


thank you, that sounds good enough for me, i cancelled my dac/amp combo, and when the neural dsp arrives i wanna buy plugins for the money in stead :smiley: