Quad-Cortex as a VST plugin in the future

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if you (Neural DSP) are going to release a plugin version of the Quad-Cortex?

It would be really awesome to use the Quad-Cortex this way. I mainly use my PC and MacBook Pro to run a DAW and use VST plugins. Quad-Cortex would be really useful as a VST plugin for me, and I think I am not alone with this kind of setup.

I hope that you guys/gals are adding something like this to the roadmap.

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I don’t think so. The chains with Amps an effects needs huge CPU power. I doubt a MacBook or PC can handle that. Use the QC as an USB audio interface, that’s it.

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Agreed. One of my favorite things about my Helix is the recording workflows that Native enables. I’d love to be able to use the 4C in the same manner.

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Apple M1 and upcoming? :slight_smile:

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Definitely agree with this.

I sold both my Helix Floor and Stomp after ordering the QC. Have been using Native (and Nolly/Plini/Cory/Darkglass) at home and for recording.

Borrowed a friend’s Helix LT for a live recording recently. Did up all my patches in Native and just dropped them in. Love that flexibility.

Unfortunately, I don’t really see this happening for the QC. It would undercut their plugin sales pretty badly.

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I never had performance issues. Usually I’m using two amp-sim VSTs and multiple effect VSTs and the i9 can handle this perfectly fine.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like the idea that I can put down QC on the ground and, use as an all-in-one amp/cab/effects unit. Although, sometimes I would like to use the features of it as a plugin. I’m just hoping that NeuralDSP is going to release something like this down the road.

Anything is possible, but my guess is that they would want to keep the Cortex a standalone product. It seems that they make plugin versions of hardware, but I’m not sure they would try to make the Cortex a plugin. Anything is possible though.