Quad Cortex components into a plugin

Hi, do you think in the future you guys might turn the Quad Cortex into an all included plugin for people who cannot buy the hardware, can get all the software goodness inside that beast.

It could be like turning the Neural CNS desktop app into a plugin where we could connect our instrument via interface to the PC or MAC and use it like we use the Archetype plugins (standalone or VST).


I hope this is in the roadmap. I would really love to see some of the Quad Cortex algorithms on VST format. I think it would be really nice to have an FX suite that you can combine with the existing amp plugins.

A plug-in version would also be great for those who purchase the hardware. Helix Native is a big part of my recording workflow as I use the floor unit as an interface to capture both wet and dry signals, then have the ability to change amps / cabs / fx after the fact.