Underwhelmed with the quad cortex

Just picked up the quad cortex. Really happy with the sound of the captures and overall functionality.

BUT. The effects sounds really average and there seems to be a lack of activity or transparency from developers/manufactures regarding this. The roadmap looks underwhelming aswell. Basically its not the product I expected/hoping it to be.

I’m not disappointed YET but am concerned. Any thought’s on this or am I thinking about this wrong?


I always find it amusing when people say effects sound average… What effects? What don’t you like about them? What do you need from them?

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Which effects? mainly delay, reverb, chorus. others are OK i guess. The pitch shifter and wah is actully pretty good.
What dont I like about them? They dont sound as good or on level as anything else ive used. Including DAW effects from ableton, cubase, FL, boss katana, helix, guitar rig 6, many many reverb and delay valhalla DSP is on another level. Reverb don’t even compare with strymon bigsky
What do I need from them? To sound above average, right now they are below average. I would actully like the reverbs to sound special.


People that are underwhelmed by any part of a piece of gear are free to buy something else. There are plenty of people on the QC waiting list I am sure would gladly take an underwhelming piece of gear off your hands. Life is too short to settle for mediocrity. Just buy something else.

Hmm, the first two replies from legitimate concerns have been unhelpful and slightly condensing. Does this represent the community?

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Hey @Adamp , sorry to hear you don’t find the effects to your taste. Many of our users and artists enjoy the effects, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

Maybe there is another factor that is impending the desired result you’re looking for. I encourage you to email support@neuraldsp.com. They would be more than happy to provide you with some tips to dial in something to your taste.

Your last few messages do read a little harsh. The community here welcomes constructive discussion, but nobody here wants to engage in combative debates (not saying your messages were).

As far as a lack of activity or transparency with the effects, majority of our users are happy with the effects and the team puts a lot of work into creating them so there are no plans to “improve” the sound. We think they’re great as is. There are plans to continue adding additional effect options.

Hope this helps some! As I mentioned above, please send support an email if you have any questions or need some tips, they will be happy to help.


Have you tried any presets created by other users? There’s some pretty cool factory presets. Rabea also has some pretty good ambience kind of presets

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I’ve been following this forum for a while now and have had my QC for 3 months. Here’s my two cents: I feel Neural is continuing to step up they’re game with every update. Really the only effect I’m not in love with is the spring reverb. But the others (especially modulated) are great to my ears. The plate reverbs they released with 1.2 (I think) are fantastic. And the analog delay just released with 1.3 sounds glorious.

I bought the QC having read all the good and the bad and it’s still the best option for me. I also knew that I had to be comfortable going on the ride with Neural as they continue to develop it. It’s been a fun ride so far


Ok, appreciate the reply. Will look at learning the effects a bit more and trying to dial in something to taste. Its good to hear you guys have put a lot of work into creating the effects and are there to help if needed. That’s very encouraging.


Yea I’ll try some presets from the cloud and learn from those. Thanks.

Hey thanks. I’m excited to try those settings on the analog and plate. The modulated reverb is def the best to my ears. The reason I went with QC over Axefx was because neural make awesome plugins and it seems more future proof. Agreed, happy to ride the wave.

@Adamp - We’re always here to help, so always feel free to send us an email! Thanks!