QC Runs Hot?

Hey gents, new here, as I just received my QC a week ago.

I just wanted to confirm if others find the QC runs quite hot after 30 to 60 minutes or so? I hope this doesn’t become and issue down the road. It is damn hot!

Also as a side note, I was slightly disappointed by the flimsy bottom cover, not only is it flimsy, but it rattles as well. Not sure how some can say the unit is built like a tank.

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There are a number of posts on this matter. I took some measurements using a “temperature gun” like this one:

I found that temperatures on the top surface of the QC ran 15-20°F above ambient, where the ambient temperature was measured on a nearby expression pedal (unpowered and not generating any heat of its own).

I wouldn’t be surprised if temperature varies with CPU load. I took the above measurements using a patch running for a couple hours with the CPU at 42%. I have not profiled any devices with the QC, but suspect that the increased load on the DSPs might increase the measured rise above ambient temperature.

Subjectively, the temperature of the QC feels to me about the same as a high-end laptop that has been working hard.

I’ve had laptops go into thermal shutdown; in those cases the case was uncomfortably hot to the touch, as in my not wanting to maintain contact for more than a few seconds.

The bottom needs like four more screws. My laptop is absolutely sturdier. I’m not worried about damaging the cortex but the bottom is definitely its weak point.

Thanks. I will have to try a measurement as well. Seems to me by feel it is more than 20 above ambient.

Yes, two screws on the narrow sides would help.

I’ve been leaving mine powered on all day sometimes and gigged with it, so far I’ve not noticed any more heat than I would from my Kemper etc. Especially not any level that would be alarming.

My understanding is that the aluminium chassis is also specifically designed to assist with heat dispersion.


Perhaps time will tell if the QC stands up to the heat.

3 week noobie here.

mine is mostly for studio use, and i keep it on many many hours during sessions

i have it sitting on a computer laptop cooling panel that has 6 fairly high power fans to circulate lots of fresh air and it never gets hot to the touch top, bottom or sides!

I tried my QC for first time yesterday and it did run hot. I propped it up today so bottom vent was not blocked and it stared cool. I ordered some rubber feet on Amazon