Crackling, White noise and fizzling through quad cortex outputs

Hi there!

Recently, my Quad Cortex has been making these noises. Like an intermittent distortion/ white noise, even when I don’t have any effects on. I think its the same problem as what this guy had …

And also this guy

Its very frustrating, as I play 2 gigs a week, and don’t have any other pedals/board. Rely completely on the quad cortex - and its been letting me down lately :/.
Ive been updated to the latest os, Tried different outputs, removed all effect loops and any other pedals. Tried other guitars and even a bass (haha) but its still doing it. I am using the original power supply as well. Its very random and it only happens every once in a while.
Ive already email neural - just wanted to see if anyone else here has had the same problem, and how they have fixed it.
Here is a link to a video of my problem: Quad cortex noise - Google Drive
Thanks so much for your help,

Similarly to the two threads you linked, your best bet is to email support.

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