Crackling, White noise and fizzling through quad cortex outputs

Hi there!

Recently, my Quad Cortex has been making these noises. Like an intermittent distortion/ white noise, even when I don’t have any effects on. I think its the same problem as what this guy had …

And also this guy

Its very frustrating, as I play 2 gigs a week, and don’t have any other pedals/board. Rely completely on the quad cortex - and its been letting me down lately :/.
Ive been updated to the latest os, Tried different outputs, removed all effect loops and any other pedals. Tried other guitars and even a bass (haha) but its still doing it. I am using the original power supply as well. Its very random and it only happens every once in a while.
Ive already email neural - just wanted to see if anyone else here has had the same problem, and how they have fixed it.
Here is a link to a video of my problem: Quad cortex noise - Google Drive
Thanks so much for your help,

Similarly to the two threads you linked, your best bet is to email support.


Mine went away for a while but it’s coming back again…. Any luck on yours??

Hi there. i contacted nueral dsp about it. i had to send it back to their factory underwarrenty - it took about 2 weeks to be fixed. Now the problems have away.

Same problem here :frowning_face: even tried a factory reset without luck, will have to contact support

Hi Frankie, did you mean the problems have “gone” away after the factory repair? Is the unit still working well after a couple of weeks back with you?

Thanks for the information.

Yes that is the case.

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I had the same issues as Frankiebigman. My unit got sent back to Finland, fixed and returned to Australia. So far all is working well. Support from NDSP was good. Hardware issue.

Same issue from South korea last weekend. Preordered unit. After some short contact NDSP support asked to send it back to Finland. Now it is on the transit. Anyone who have the same issue have better to contact NDSP support. I think this is the only and the fastest way to solve this issue.

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After having the QC for 10 month now, I experienced the same issue: Sporadic crackling noise on output 1/2, like in the sound example above.

I contacted support and was told to ship my QC back to Finland and that the whole process will take around 2 weeks.

Fingers crossed. :wink:

any word on what the cause is?

Not yet. Support requested reset of settings via A/H stomps during startup.
I have checked cables, environmental stuff, PSU, guitars, speakers etc. before contacting support. After that, I was directly asked to ship in my QC.
Support replied really quick to all my mails within hours. :+1:

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“and from what we’ve found from previous cases is a malfunction on the board that hosts all of the inputs and outputs.”

Quote: The issue was related to the connector board, which has been replaced.

If my QC arrives as estimated, the whole process took only 7 days, which is really impressive!


Mine just started doing it as well, white noise and slightly crackly. Happens randomly. The reason why i googled it to see if my problem was isolated. Obviously not

Have you contacted support about this?

Just posting to say I have the same issue with my QC. Bought in March 2023 and now in March 2024 it had constant crackling.

Swapped out every cable, unplugged anything external, tried several guitars and still had crackling.

I just updated to CorOS 2.3.1 and the crackling went away. I’ll be back if it starts again.

It’s usually due to PC/MAC issues but glad your issue is resolved.

It wasn’t connected to my computer at all.

I had the same issue. In my case, a factory reset helped. Idk how and why, I was sure that it was a hardware issue.

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