Quad Cortex not booting after update (flashing LEDs)

I updated my QC about a week ago after which point it no longer starts up successfully - the LEDs just flash on and off endlessly.

I emailed support on the 23rd of April (6 days ago) and spoke to one of the mods on discord who assured me it is with support - however, I still have not received a single message from the support team.

I’m not sure what’s going on but this is a really shoddy level of customer service and not what I expected at all.

I am in a gigging band and have grown to rely heavily on my QC over the last couple of years so this has really messed me up.

Can someone please provide an update?

I’ve seen others with similar issues recently so it seems I’m not alone in this - QC Doesn't Boot And Customer Support Doesn't Respond for example.


Note that you indicated you had last contact on the 26th, that was a Friday and this is the 1st business day since last Friday (not 6 days lol). Give support some time to get back to you as they don’t always answer inquiries over the weekend.

I have not heard from support at all since raising this. I spoke to a mod on discord because I chased on there to see if anything was up as the lack of response did not seem indicative of what I would expect from a company behind such a high end device.

This person does not work on the support team and so will presumably have no involvement in resolving this case so it would be misleading to suggest it’s been 1 business day since my case has been reviewed. As it stands, I don’t even know if my case has been actioned at all.

DM me your contact details and I will escalate directly to support.

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Written below is how I fixed my QC.

1 Access inside with T10(Torx) wrench.

2 Remove the SD card(SanDisk Ultra32GB), and read it with your PC.

3 If it says “the file is broken” or something and you could not see the files, there might be some problem.

4 Get another SD card with QC firmware in good condition. (Most dificult point)
My friend kindly let me use his QC’s SD.

5 Dupulicate it.
I used “Macrium Reflect” (Freeware), but any disc image softwares will work, I guess.
There are 3 or 4 partitions, and you should copy all.

6 If it worked properly with your QC, it’s done. Restore your settings from your backup.

Of course the best way is asking the NDSP support and send the unit to Finland.
But I could not wait, since I had a gig only a few days to go.

Hope this would be helpful for you.

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I’m having the same issue, when you do get it booted up go to Settings then Contact Us, then click Send Report.

Thanks for sharing. I’m reluctant to open up the QC in case it voids the warranty so I was waiting to hear from support first.

If that fails I will definitely check this out!

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It isn’t able to boot so I can’t report from within the QC.

Sadly, I still haven’t heard a word from support since my initial email on the 23rd. One of the mods said they aren’t receiving my emails - I have tried sending several more since including to an alternative email address and still haven’t heard anything back or had confirmation they have even received any of my emails.

All very weird and disappointing. If Neural’s modelling and the QC weren’t so good I would probably look elsewhere at this point.

It’s weird you haven’t heard from them, support has been great in my case, mine won’t boot up anymore either so I’m sending it in, they said it takes about 2 weeks.

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Yea I’m honestly stumped. I’ve just been asked if I have a different email address that I can try using :man_shrugging:

No acknowledgement as to whether they are checking spam on their side etc. I use an outlook email address and have done for years and I am fairly certain there are no issues with sending email on my side.

Over two weeks of trying to reach support now!

It’s very unusual. Their customer support has been great with me. There’s gotta be an issue because they don’t ignore customers. Support@neuraldsp.com. It looks like Dan the mod is stepping in. If u do email them again always stay on the same thread. Good luck.