Quad Cortex makes awful crackling no matter what

Trying to record quad cortex into pro tools. current setup is input 2-guitar, and usb-macbook. even while listening to the quad through just the headphone port, the crackling or cutting out persists. It is not my guitar cable or guitar. The buffer settings, input/output, and impedance levels should all be good as well. Do you guys have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue?

Maybe related to this post and the thread in general: Occasional Audio Glitches as USB Interface - #74 by RomeoRude

Do you get these crackling noises when monitoring directly via the Quad Cortex or only when monitoring through your computer?

Only through the computer. So i have to have ditect monitoring on to make sure that it doesnt happen. Though now it happens all the time.

Sticking with asio4all. That works flawlessly. Except the usual asio4all stuff.

Having the same issue using the QC with Studio One 5. Input 1- Guitar, Outputs 1 & 2 - studio monitors, headphones plugged in. Was able to record guitar after turning off safe mode on the NDSP driver and playing with the buffer size (256-512). While mixing though, was getting terrible noise. Planning on trying ASIO4ALL this weekend. I think it’s a driver issue.

Ever since i got the latest update yesterday (didn’t update for quite some time) i’m getting terrible crackling and noise over my guitar signal in whatever buffer size i use, i’m using fl studio and a completely empty project with nothing else than just recording. i used to record perfectly with 8 in buffer size and no problem

Using asio4all worked to get back in business