Crackling Sounds

I have my quad cortex for over a year and have never discovered crackling noises till today. I made sure to check all my chords and I have rebooted over 3 times. It starts off super settle and quiet then gets worse the longer I let it sit. I have seen a lot of people expressing the same problem yet I have not found any resolution or answers for the problem?
What the hell do I do?

Hi Zachary and welcome to the community. I haven’t heard noise related problems being discussed for quite a while now but first, I would ensure you have the most updated drivers (if using PC):

Usually crackling noises are due to USB audio resource issues, to address those please remove all un-necessary USB connected devices and retest. Assuming you only hear the crackling when connected via USB audio, the source of the issue can typically be resolved by updating the drivers, changing the sample size of the QC ASIO drivers (again, this is only regarding PC not MAC) etc. If you still have issues, please email and they will walk through your setup and get you sorted.

When I went to download the link you sent it says it not compatible with my device?

Are you on PC or MAC? If PC, make sure you don’t have anything blocking the ability to install.