Crackling, white noise, artifacts, fizzing noises

Recently, these noises have been coming up and its frustrating because I play live 3 times a week and have no other pedals/board.

Just to cover my bases, I’ve updated to latest os, factory reset, tried different outputs and cables( xlr and ts ), tried different power supplies, different guitars, rebooted, different locations (church and home) this also happens on factory presets

Heres a google drive link to see the videos demonstrating the issues

Quad Cortex Noises

hey Jasan, I saw you also posted in the discord about this. Have you had any luck with a solution from the support team yet?

Hey! Nope no luck yet.

Changing inputs and guitars does not help and it even happens on factory presets.

I have this issue 4 times also, but can’t figure how to resolve it.

Just checked on this, looks like you are in touch with support and this is resolved.

@iNX - Please email as well so they can troubleshoot and get this resolved for you. Thanks!