Crackling sounds ruining my quad experience

I know I’m not the first to post about this.
I’m assuming I won’t be the last. I can’t think of what else to do about it but it’s basically rendered my quad almost worthless to me at the point for recording

I spent 300 bucks on a power conditioner. I’m running a Cioks power supply which is much nicer than the normal one

But this god awful cracking electronic noise is ever present.

Any help at all would be amazing.

Can take a video of the noise if needed

Sorry to hear of your issues! Start with some essential details, OS, drivers, sample rate?


I’ve updated the drivers as of a couple weeks ago

I’m running windows 11. I didn’t just update to the new OS today.

But this noise has been an issue for months
Sample rate I believe is 512? I’ve played around with it to see if that would help.

If the crackling only occurs when recording, try setting “Safe Mode” to “on” in the driver details.

Ok. I can try that. Any reason that may cause the sound?

Safe mode evidently has been known to resolve USB audio related issues. I have also seen ASIO4ALL drivers loaded resulting in similar behavior. I would recommend removing any other ASIO related drivers to test (can always re-install if needed) and try removing all other USB audio components while you test. Lastly, I had a LED desk lamp over my desk that resulted in interference with the USB audio frequently. That was unexpected but here are many variables. Worse case, email and they will work through your issues.

Alright. Let me get in here and remove all my drivers except the quad drivers

I do have two floor lamps on either side of my desk
Id hate to think those are causing it. Especially considering power conditioner I’m using

I agree. At least that part is easy to eliminate and or resolve. I would definitely recommend emailing support. If after all your testing, there is always the possibility of repair required so it would be beneficial to have them in the loop to log your issues and hopefully provide resolution.

Yeaaaa, unfortunately, this things been in there for this before. The issue is, I’m not convinced it’s the pedal.
I seem to have this awful noise on their plugins as well.
And it appears to not be limited to just neural stuff.

So I’m not sure what’s happening

I did notice that if I turn my impedance basically all the way down on the pedal…the sound gets better

But I’m running passive pups (Duncan scarlet and scourge). So I shouldn’t need to do that right ? I put it on like 10.

I run my impedance at 470k, it just works better for me personally. But the end result of lowering your impedance is dropping the high end. Default is 1M which is usually fine for anyone.

sample rate needs to be 48kHz, you want to check that in your DAW. Buffer size can be adjusted for latency, but the QC is locked to a 48kHz sample rate.

Yea. My sample rate is automatic every time I open up my daw.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s a ground in my guitar ? I did convert it from active to passive pups
I wonder if they tech goobered my ground.
I really don’t know what else couldn’t be causing all my noise

ground noise is typically a buzz, not a ‘crackle.’ Crackling is usually a sample rate mismatch somewhere in the chain, or maybe a CPU choking. Might also be digital clipping
How much RAM does your PC have?

can you provide a recording of the noise? Might help narrow things down.

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I can see if it’ll allow to me do a video of it.

(Attachment IMG_2493.MOV is missing)

I believe it just attached one.

My computer has 16 gigs of ram. I built this thing solely for music production. It runs a kajillion different vsts at once if I need it to.
But oddly enough, I don’t run a ton. As I’m using the quad for tones and usually using buses to minimize eqs and various mixing tools

looks like the video didn’t make it thru, unfortunately.
Hopefully more Windows users will chime in here, I’m on Mac and they seem to have fewer variables to check. Have you talked to Support in case your QC itself has an issue?

Yea. It won’t let me cause it’s apparently not a supported file type lol.
Lemme see if I can record it and put it on sound cloud or something I guess

here ya go

ok, that definitely narrows it down. That’s not software-related, most likely.
Sounds like electrical interference. Lights, cables, phone, computer-screen monitor, etc. More of a buzz/hum. Might be worth looking at your guitar ground after all.
Also, look around your recording environment for devices that might be introducing the noise. Anything plugged in, pretty much.

It doesn’t stop if you touch your bridge, does it?

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