Quad Cortex for Live Gigging number 1

Quad cortex live gig 1

Ok, 841 checking in. First of all, I already love this Cortex.

Here’s a quick video on the screen modes… very applicable if you’ll be using it live. I’m in a covers band… loads of presets (nearly one per song) and heavy use of scene’s.

My summary for this is:

  • when I’m in Preset Mode on the screen (think Bank mode showing all presets in a bank) and I scroll up and down with the buttons, I’d like it to stay in that same view; “Bank of presets mode”, and then just pick one with one tap… and not have it switch to rig view.

When I’m in Scene Mode, which I would for Live gigs:

  • if I scroll up/down, I’d like the option to have it go to preset mode (bank of presets) as soon as I start scrolling.
  • when I select a preset, I’d like it to go back to Scene mode
  • same would be true if you like Stomp Mode.


  • would be helpful if you could twist the bank up/bank down knobs to scroll through presets and banks when working from a desk top.

definitely +1 on the Preset mode request - current setup is a major annoyance and very much counter-intuitive!

Not so sure about the Scene Mode request - maybe have that as an option, but not as the default way. It could be confusing in the heat of the battle: am I looking at scenes or at presets?

Thanx for the request!

massive +1 on showing the gig view layout of presets when scrolling through banks. It’s currently incredibly difficult to remember what is where when you have to quickly bank up presets and you lose the gig view.

100% behind this idea - covers band here too and will be using the QC in the same manner as the OP, per-song presets with scenes for any changes. To be able to quickly cycle through banks of presets will be a huge help as otherwise you either have to remember what bank/preset number a song’s preset is located, or you’re endlessly cycling up/down presets one by one.

@ToH2002 - I think the UI difference between Preset Gig View (block colours) and Scene Gig View (block outlines) should be sufficient to easily tell which mode you’re in, even in the middle of a gig.