Screen Mode Update for Live Gigging

Here’s a quick video on the screen modes… this request is very applicable if using it live. I’m in a covers band… loads of presets (nearly one per song) and heavy use of scene’s.

For helix users…
Presets are Presets
Scenes are Snapshots.

My summary for this is:

  • when I’m in Preset Mode on the screen (think Bank mode showing all presets in a bank) and I scroll up and down with the buttons, I’d like it to stay in that same view; “Bank of presets mode”, and then just pick one with one tap… and not have it switch to rig view.

When I’m in Scene Mode, which I would for Live gigs:

  • if I scroll up/down, I’d like the option to have it go to preset mode (bank of presets) as soon as I start scrolling.
  • when I select a preset, I’d like it to go back to Scene mode
  • same would be true if you like Stomp Mode.

Three Notes:

  • would be helpful if you could twist the bank up/bank down knobs to scroll through presets and banks when working from a desk top.

  • it froze on me twice in bank/preset mode. I was unable to replicate it.

  • someone else said the WiFi did not perform well. I had the same experience. I use an appletv, iPhone, computer, iPad… etc… in my office. All with no problem. Had to move to the kitchen to get it to connect.