Cool trick: set gig view per preset

I was reading the MIDI section of the manual and noticed that the Quad Cortex can set gig view and mode in response to MIDI commands and that it can send a series of MIDI commands in response to a preset change.

I used a short MIDI cable to connect out to in on the QC, programmed the commands and… It works!

Now I can program each preset to show the display I want without extra clicks, taps or drags.

I assume that setting MIDI Thru will do something undesirable; I haven’t tested to find out. Please make sure that MIDI Thru is turned off.

Oh, and be sure to save the preset before you test. Otherwise, switching away from the preset will lose the very programming you’re trying to test.

If you’re familiar with MIDI programming, it’ll take a couple minutes to look up and program the needed commands; a bit longer otherwise.

Downsides? Not doable (at least not without extra hardware) if you’re already using the MIDI jacks.

EDITED: Hmm, it seems that the gig mode MIDI command is a toggle, so that’ll limit your ability to freely set and clear gig mode in response to a preset change.


Nice piece of research! :slight_smile:

Interesting…I had asked Neural support if it was possible to do that and they said no. I will have to try it now!