Help with QC as interface

Hi so i pluged the QC to my pc via usb. I installed the drivers and i use reaper as a DAW
I tried recording and while i do get to record it only gives me a dry signal and i can´t get a way to record with the QC effects

The rig is Guitar>QC — to usb to pc–
|------Output 3 to speaker
In QC preset it´s out to output 3 and i tried doing multiple outs so it goes as well to the usb but it´s all the same

i can hear the reaper output( dry signal ) and my normal pc browser audio output
In the speaker i also listen to the QC effects and stuff

For default USB audio routing, QC USB 1/2 provides dry (DI), USB 3/4 provides wet (processed) which can be changed with the I/O settings for USB (swipe down, select USB etc.). Ensure your track inputs are set correctly. You also can keep the dry tracks for re-amping via QC/plugin etc.

thanks, i got the signal by getting the in as another output but now it sounds weird, like overdriven and 8bitish… i assume it has to do with the gain but in the daw it doesnt show clipping
in the i/o settings on the out 3/4 it shows clipping even if i lower the QC volume knob all the way down - i get no output signal that way through speakers so i cant even hear the quality but it still shows clipping in the i/o settings screen, what could be causing this ?

i lowered the grid signal from the amp volume and that got the i/o setting out 3/4 to not clip BUT the recording still sounds awful it´s basically a whammy high octave low quality sound… not sure what im doing wrong here

also what is the hp source wheel about?

as update i reset everything and it worked fine now