Quad cortex and Interface

I want to get a Audio interface so I can listen to music with my studio monitors without having to power on my quad cortex, and to talk on discord with my condenser mic.
Which audio interface should I get? something classic like a 2i2?
Can I even you an interface with the quad without ruining the sound?

Why not use the QC as your USB audio interface? Then you can take advantage of lol the USB routing when recording.

Because I do not want to turn the quad cortex every time I want to listen to music and play video games.
And I think it’s silly to disconnect the XLR cables from my quad and connect them to an interface every time I want to change between them.
I really enjoy the USB recording it sounds amazing!

Something like this may be in order: https://audient.com/products/monitor-controllers/nero/overview/

You’re on the right track. I have a Big Knob which is far cheaper but you can at least run two sources into it before the monitors. This is definitely better. I might get one of these at some stage but it has a lot of features like sending out monitor mixes I just wouldn’t use and it will also colour the sound. I have an audient interface and they’re fantastic for the price and make good stuff as an FYI.

The Nero is pretty cool. It can handle lots of sources and speakers. If I could change one thing it would be the ability to monitor more than one source at a time so I can jam with backing tracks. My work around is to use the QC as an interface and monitor outputs 1 & 2.