Quad Cortex and focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen

Hello, can i connect the quad Cortex into a Focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen to play with my main monitors in the PC? of Yes How can i connect and what cables should i use?

Thanks in advance

Yes you can. You can use either XLR or 1/4" cables to make this connection. You just have to route your presets to the output that you’ve connected.

The Quad Cortex can also replace your interface completely as it can run channels over USB and you could also connect your monitors directly to the QC as well.

Thanks for the reply, the idea it’s play guitar with backingtracks as well, so if connect the monitor directly in the QC i can not hear the backing tracks in the PC, so my question is if i can go into the inoput of the interface ?

Usb audio is 8 in 8 out so you should still be able to use it to play along with backing tracks. But yes, if you want to run your outputs from your QC into the inputs of your 2i2

The cable to use in the input s of the 2i2 what kind of cable? Xlr? Or jack? And another question i have to use it in both inputs on the focusrite?
Thanks in advance

Looking at the manual, if you want to use QC to play your guitar against backing tracks you should be able to use the QC as the interface and mixer by plugging in the guitar into channel 1 and the stereo pair from your playing source into the two Returns on the back, and then dial in the mix and simply send out to your monitor outs or XLR outs … … theoretically you don’t need the Scarlett at all.

XLR vs. 1/4" doesn’t make much difference with the length of cable run you’re likely to use.

I have a Focusrite Solo that I use for voiceover and for monitors. Once the Quad Cortex arrives, I’ll plug that in to a separate USB. I’ll run the playback out to the Focusrite and the QC will handle most of the input needs