Quad cortex + audio interface routing

I’ve just received my unit today and i’m working on combining it with my audio interface (audient id14). I did a sketch of what i did earlier

So basically, audient interfaces (like many others) have an ultra low latency mode where the sound from your inputs goes through the audio interface bypassing the pc and straight to your monitoring speakers. When i switch back to normal mode, i ear the sound from my pc.
But I wonder if going through the preamp from the audio interface inputs alters the sound ? or is it the same quality as going straight to speakers. And also is it safe for the audio interface over the long term? Also if you have similar ideas of routing feel free to share them.

I would skip using another interface and just use the QC as your main audio interface. That way you could take advantage of the usb audio routing and related. Otherwise, you are limiting yourself and increasing latency for audio recording.

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I guess it is the best option but i’m really looking for a routing option where I can just plug and play through my monitoring speakers, then unplug and play in an other room on frfr without having to redo everything everytime. With the routing i idid I just have to leave the two cables plugged in the Audio Interface inputs, plug them in the quad and when i’m done : unplug and continue using my pc as normal. But i wonder how much worst it is in terms of sound quality, safety and latency

I wonder is a usb to toslink/adat interface would work.

A guy bought this type of converter on another post and it didn’t work

If you’re using macOS, you can create an aggregate audio device and use both.

I have a macbook pro but all my audio setup is on my Windows PC

You might consider configuring a music environment on macOS. Logic Pro is really pretty nice, but Studio Live, Reaper and ProTools are also options. Mac audio and video work very well, and are simple and reliable.

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AUDIENT interfaces got the reputation to be a bit “transparent” with their pre-amp coloration, and also are good quality, so you’ll not “destroy” your signal.

As a Sound engineer, I’m doing the same kind of setup like you, but i’m using a UAD sound card.

Anyway, to be sure to get the best signal from the Quad Cortex going into your AUDIENT, just remember to always set the QC volume to 100%.
The less preamp you will use with the AUDIENT, the less coloration you will make.

Yes, it is safe.
Quad Cortex is respecting the Line Levels output signals norms.