MIDI control issue

I’m trying to set my QC up to be MIDI controlled by a laptop running Logic Pro. I’m only using presets in Setlist 2 (there is also a Setlist 0 - Factory Library and a Setlist 1 - MyPresets), but have issues when trying to address them.

If I already have setlist 2 loaded on my QC I can use CC #43 to change scenes and PC messages to change to different presets. If I don’t have it loaded though and if I understand the manual correctly I would have to send CC #32 - 2 and CC #0 - 0 along with the other two commands from above. This doesn’t work though, it loads (to me) random presets in either setlist 0 or a completely empty preset.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong and couldn’t find anyone that seemed to have the same problem.

I would try and use a sysex app for PC or MAC or something similar to capture the midi traffic that you are sending. Analyze it and figure out what the QC is receiving or what you think the laptop is sending etc.

Will look into an app like that - never heard of it before. Thanks for the suggestion!!

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I had same issue. What I do now us:

First sent the cc#0 command.
Wait 100ms or less (onsong app can only wait minimum 100ms)
Cc#32 command.
And then program change to load the preset.
After that you can choose which mode you want to set the qc

The free MIDI Monitor app works great on macOS to see what’s happening with MIDI.

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Thanks everyone for their suggestions. The staggered sending of commands that RJMiddel suggested didn’t do the trick unfortunately.

I’ve been trying to use the MIDI Monitor app, but it doesn’t register any MIDI messages at all. It might be because I’m using a MOTU MIDI Express interface that Logic sends to? I’m also a novice when it comes to anything MIDI so I might just be using the software in the wrong way.

Unfortunately the update yesterday made things worse. The QC is now not consistently following CC #43 messages. Some of the messages it does receive/compute and others it doesn’t - haven’t found a pattern yet that would explain which one it has troubles with, seems random. Did anyone else experience a similar issue after the update?

Hey @christophleunam,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Please email support@neuraldsp.com for troubleshooting. Thanks!

Hi Mike! I actually did email them right after I posted. Thanks!


Received an email from Neural but unfortunately their instructions didn’t help.

I tried installing the latest firmware update to see if that would help, but this has made things worse unfortunately. Now whenever I try to change scenes in a preset ‘rapidly’ (2 bars or less) the QC doesn’t register the change while Logic is playing the MIDI track. If I pause the track it ‘catches up’ and switches to the correct scene. I’m using CC #43 for these switches.

This wasn’t an issue with the old firmware. Is anyone experiencing anything similar or does anyone have an idea what might be causing this?

I’m using Logic on a Macbook to play my MIDI track and am connecting to the QC via a MOTU midi express 128.

Hey @christophleunam - The support team is reviewing the most recent ticket you created and will get back to you shortly with further troubleshooting steps. Thanks!

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Thank you - appreciate the heads up Mike!

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