Looking for more MIDI implementation info

Sorry for this newbie to bombard you all with questions but, here goes.

It seems like the 2.0 manual is a little thin on MIDI documentation.

I have a Hotone Ampero 4 button midi switcher that I’ve been using with my AX8, to turn FX off and on. I’d like to use it to switch the QC’s blocks off and on while in Preset and Scene mode. I’ve found a list of “Incoming MIDI Reserved CC” messages but nothing about CC messages for a specific block’s bypass status. I admit, I know just enough about MIDI to avoid catastrophe (most of the time). Maybe someone more well-versed would know just what to do. Do any of you know of more advanced MIDI implementation info than what’s in the manual?

Also, the Hotone is capable of transmitting MIDI via USB or a standard MIDI cable. Is there any advantage of one over the other?

The QC manual lists CC messages for each stomp switch. The advantages of using MIDI DIN are that the connections are more secure/gig hardened than USB, and it leaves the USB free for use as an audio device.

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I saw the foot switch CC assignments listed in the manual but I If I’m in Preset Mode, wouldn’t the MIDI CC messages change presets and not bypass/activate blocks?
I don’t know that I’d call anything DIN secure or gig hardened ( :wink:) but that’s a good point about still leaving the USB open for other activities. Thanks for that!

No, those CC messages are independent of the mode.

Huh…don’t mean to be post-like (dumb as a) but if I’m in Preset Mode and the onboard switches are changing presets, how would the QC know that I mean for those MIDI CC messages to make it respond as if it were in Stomp Mode? I must be missing something (happens often).

So…I looked through the MIDI section in the manual again, searched the forum and have done several YouTube and general internet searches but I’m coming up empty.

To summarize: I am looking for the procedure to use a MIDI switcher to turn FX blocks off and on while in Preset or Scene Modes.

I know that you can use reserved CC messages to control onboard footswitches but if I’m in Scene Mode, those footswitches change scenes and they change presets while in Preset Mode.

I was able to do this with my Fractal AX8. Being far more advanced, I assumed the QC would be able to do this and more.

Is the QCs MIDI implementation still a work in progress or am I just missing something?

The QC manual says MIDI CC# 35 Value 0-127 does Enable/bypass Footswitch A (Preset/Stomp/Scene Mode, and Gig View)

So for example, say you have a distortion block set to bypass on switch A. If you configure a MIDI controller to send CC# 35, it will do the same thing as switch A in stomp mode. It will control the distortion block bypass no matter what the mode is.

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So, when using "reserved " CC messages (i.e. #35 = footswitch A) it only actuates what those switches do in stomp mode? Regardless of what mode you’re in? That would be fantastic and oh-so simple. Unfortunately, I don’t have my MIDI controller available to try it…but I will.

Thanks again, Jamsden

I finally got the Ampero Control MIDI pedal and QC together and set up a bank to actuate the QC footswitches corresponding with the blocks I want to toggle on and off. All worked perfectly while in Stomp Mode but as soon as I switched to Preset Mode, the Ampero Control started changing presets to the ones assigned to those footswitches on the QC (not controlling the blocks). Same story in scene mode, the Control just changes scenes.

I don’t really see the purpose in having these Reserved CC assignments if all they can do is mimic what the onboard footswitches are doing (depending on mode). If there were some means to lock these functions to the footswitch function in a specific mode, that would have a useful purpose.

Any other suggestions?

I believe the midi controllers turn on and off the footswitches, not he actual FX like on the AX8.
I was using an AX8 with a Voicelive 3. I used the AX8 to change scenes and the Voicelive 3 to turn on and off individual FX. I don’t believe you can do that with the QC. I believe that’s why they implemented hybrid mode.

I’m afraid you might be right. I’ve put in a request to Neural and Sweetwater for info. I’ll let you all know what I find out.

The MIDI implementation in QC is barely usable in its current form. I hope this is a priority for future updates. The QC has too much power and too many blocks to have such limited MIDI control. I have found a way that works for me, but it involves compromises and limitations I would really like to eliminate.

Yeah, I’m discovering that. I think I have a work around until they give the MIDI capabilities some vitamins. Other than a few little negative surprises, I’m loving this machine. It sounds fantastic and is such a pleasure to program. I’ve had it for about a week and a half and I’m already feeling confident that I could go gig with it.