QC Bricked after 2.0 firmware update. Boots up but all is locked, even the power button

Anyone experience the same thing? Any ideas to fix this?

try these solutions:

unplugging EVERYTHING may resolve your particular case.

Tried that several time. No change. Thanks for the suggestion

aargh. Have you contacted support, they may have to roll you back to try again

I did reach out to them. Waiting to hear back. Thanks so much

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I realized I had a MIDI cable connected. to the QC. When I disconnected the MIDI cable everything came to life. Glad to be part of this community.


Glad you resolved it. That is weird, I installed beta and public firmware with everything (including MIDI) plugged in and never had any issues. Hopefully the support team has logged the issue and providing resolution for those with the same problem in a hot-fix or next update.