QC ‘Boss DD3 ‘Hold’ effect

I can find no way of emulating the ‘Hold’ setting, like a Boss DD3 digital delay.
Something to just grab the attack of a signal, and repeat it endlessly, until the pedal is released, having a glitchy effect.

Pretty Niche, im aware, but shouldnt be difficult to recreate. The ‘Freeze’ option is abit to ambient, and doesnt let you select the envelope of what is recorded, just the envelope of the effect itself.

This request is worth looking into:

It would be really nice to have that. I am not such a great tweaker. Though one thing comes to my limited mind. In the meantime maybe you could switch to a second scene with a delay effect with a much higher feedback setting than the previous scene…?

It’s possible to do this with a momentary footswitch plugged into one of the expression pedal inputs.
You want to assign three parameters to the footswitch:

  1. Feedback - set it to 100% when footswitch is pressed, then something like 50% when not pressed.
  2. Mix - set to 100% when pressed, 0% when not pressed (assuming you don’t want your delay on normally)
  3. Bypass - make sure the delay is bypassed when the footswitch is pressed (this stops whatever you play next going to the delay)

Obviously experiment with the settings, but that will get close. You’ll probably want to set the high/low pass filters to do nothing, turn off modulation and any tape degradation (depending on the delay you use). I just used the Mono Digital Delay.
Delay time to taste, or sync it to have the repeats in time.

EDIT: You could also do the same thing with scens as @zappafrank said above, just using the same settings.


Thank you very much for your more profound explanation of my basic idea. I will definitely try this! :grinning
Also for the newbies like me, keep in mind that you can “abuse” the exp1 and exp2 parameters for anything you like just via MIDI CCs. No need to have an expression pedal connected for this.