Multi tap delay for ambient and synth-ish sounds

It would be great to have a multi tap delay, along the lines of the Eventide Ultratap. (I selfishly don’t want to buy any more pedals to use outside of the QC.)

Yep. That would be awesome

there was one mentioned in the pre-pro materials, so it is definitely an effect they’re aware of and had hoped to include at some point. Would be cool.
Meantime, I gave in and ordered the Meris LVX- it does quite a few things the QC doesn’t yet.

I hadn’t heard of this before. That thing looks pretty cool. I’ll have to check it out.

whatever you do, don’t watch this! My first 4 days with the Meris LVX - First impression and In-Depth Overview (IN STEREO) - YouTube


Wow, I would so like Neural makes sounds like that, Meris makes always killer stuff !!!

Yes please! Its a fundamental tool for building sounds.