Microcosm or Portal (Granular Effects)

Something like microcosm, or the portal plugin by output

That would be a winner. Kemper has something similar on their crystall delay and some reverbs but microcosm is on another league

thanks for the awesome information.

the Meris LVX delay system pedal has some great fx that aren’t on the QC yet. Not quite like the MicroCosm, but it does have granular delays, bitcrush fx, reverse delay, swell, and a bunch of other features that haven’t made it over to the QC yet.

Title says it all really - this device is one of the most powerful devices on the market, I’d really love to get some attention to the non-amp/OD areas

something like the chase bliss blooper/mood/habit or hologram microcosm territory for generating ambient pads

Some emulation of the timeline/big sky effects to live that “floating in clouds” sparkle and echo.

This would be great. More blocks for the Morph category!