I love the Andy Timmons Halo pedal. What would be the best way to use it with QC?

I only have one pedal. It is the Andy Timmons Halo. I am looking to use this with my QC. With time effects is it best to go into the effects loop? Has anyone used the Halo pedal with their unit? Thank you.

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you’d probably want to put it in the FX loop in stereo, then you could position it anywhere on the grid you like w/ the stereo fx loop block. I do this with the Meris LVX delay pedal.
You’ll need 4 patch cables; QC send L/R to Halo Inputs L/R, QC return L/R to Halo Outputs L/R

Another option is to put it BEFORE the QC; guitar into Halo, Halo L/R out to Inputs 1 & 2 on QC (pan inputs at the Input Block to retain stereo effect) This wouldn’t be nearly as versatile though. Same goes for AFTER the QC- you could run 2 outputs from the QC to the Halo but again you lose the ability to put it anywhere in your chain (except the end)

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Thanks Xush. You are so helpful. Sounds like FX loop is the way to go. Is your Meris the only external pedal you use?

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I try!
Yes, I’ve whittled down my outboard stuff. Was using several pedals including the Strymon Volante which does a lot of Timmons-esque things, but I concentrated on building replicas on the grid.
I think you could do something similar with the Halo- I’ve been meaning to try. Is there anything you find the Halo does that the Quad couldn’t duplicate. I’m hearing mostly dual delay, reverb, modulation and compression/saturation. I’d like to try to duplicate some Halo settings and see how much of the grid it takes up
Right now I just have the QC, Meris, an expression pedal and a midi-switching pedal because my QC is usually on my studio desk

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Good points there. Yes, I have a preset from John Cordy that seems to be close. I am somewhat lazy and just use that Halo preset that mimics his sound. John said it is essentially like a dual delay with one hitting like 350ms and the other at somewhere around 475ms… I think. :wink: I do love that sound!


Same here! I use my Halo with and exp pedal and my QC and love it. I run an FX loop send into the pedal and return in stereo at the end of the signal chain.

Since I’m doing wet dry wet:

I run into the unit, overdrives and boosts first, then I split the path. The first path goes to a cabinet block and to output 3 to my center “dry” monitor, (a Headrush powered frfr monitor) and the rest of the chain goes to another cabinet block into the FX loop and Reverb before going to outputs 1&2 and put to my pair of Laney IRT-X frfr monitors for left and right.

But to run in regular stereo, just skip the split in the signal chain.


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@xush You seem to really know your stuff so I thought I would chime in here to ask a question too. I seem to be having level issues when it comes to the fx loop on the QC. I’m using the Strymon Cloudburst in the FX loop 1 but when adjusting the levels it’s either way too quiet or it’s clipping like hell. Is there a rule of thumb for time-based pedals and do you adjust the in and out levels on the master controls (where the input and output levels are shown, XLRs etc.).
Thanks for your help ahead of time.

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Yes, Neural should advertise “Buy a QC and get access to Xush included for free.” Seriously, there are some very helpful people here and @Xush is a serious blessing!

you guys are kind! Just trying to do my bit to help if/where I can.

The consensus seems to be that the return side of the FX Loop is about -5dB lower than send.
I found when I used a Strymon Volante that I had to tap on the fx block and raise the return level to approximate unity and then gain and tone structure felt right. 5 or 6 db would usually do it.
Never had to use the swipe-down I/O menu for this particular situation.

If that doesn’t help for your case, let’s see the preset and how you’re using it to see if there’s any other possibilities.

I may have to snag one of these Halos to see what all the fuss is about!

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