Hold/Freeze feature

Many high end Delays/Reverbs (Strymon is a typical example) have a hold/infinite feature built in to a switch… this is something I would like to replicate , having decided to stick with the QC fx. Am I missing something - I would like the assigned foot switch for my delay or reverb block, to freeze the sound when I hold it down. Anybody know if this can be done? I know QC now has a dedicated ‘freeze’ block, but this is a different thing - it can’t be too difficult to add a ‘hold while you press’ feature to a reverb or delay block.

Two way to do this. For both I would recommend using a momentary foot switch attached to one of the expression pedals.
There are a lot of feature requests for additional footswitch press functions etc already, which may appear in future, but these work now:

  1. Put the QC dedicated freeze block before the reverb. This will keep the sound of the reverb as the frozen audio is constantly going through the reverb.

  2. Go to the reverb and assign the expression footswitch to reverb decay. Set it so that when you are not pressing the switch, the reverb is where you want it normally, then when you are pressing it, make the decay infinite. You can also adjust other parameters (high/low pass etc) to change the tone of the reverb when you are pressing the switch.

You could even do a mixture of both to really fine tune the sound.