Higher quality power cable

The ac adapter that is included is very low quality. A device this expensive needs a quality power cable. Doesn’t matter how tough the buttons or case are when the cable breaks. It is very odd a mismatch to have a durable unit with a toy cable. Please update this and for those that already have them sell them as accessories.

Here here… totally agree the power supply is a bit disappointing but i think thats not ndsp qc specific issue the line 6 hx stomp ps is poor as well. But with the qc being such a slick unit i did expect better. A updated or better option would be great

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really ought to be built in with IEC. Oh well - maybe on the QC2

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Don’t say QC2, my wallet is already crying!


Agreed, I was disappointed with the power supply quality. I ordered an after market PSU by a company in the UK for around £17 which alleviated my anxiety on gigs.

Absolutely on letting the company know that for a good quality unit, the power adapter is super flimsy, thankfully my only gripe. At least until it frays out overtime with heavy road use! lol


Hi Sam - which PSU did you get?
Many thanks

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I would also appreciate if you could tell us what and where did you buy, Sam. The PSU has kinda weird parameters and I not able to find anything similar in any shop in my country. I won’t trust no-name ebay stuff :slight_smile: .

By the way I totally agree with IEC plug. If you guys have more electronics on your pedalboard, I would consider buying some higher-end power supply from Cioks (DC10). It is the only supply I have found that can handle QC => you can get rid of the stock PSU and use IEC only. But for me it is an expensive overkill :-(.

The PSU I bought is this:



Any 12v 3a laptop style PS will work. Digi-Key sells the Globtek PS which works perfectly and much more robust than the OEM PS.

I have couple of notebook adapters and neither is 12V or has 3A (actually I believe you only need around 1,5A - somebody tested it). But it is a good point.

I think someone verified it never pulled more than 2a but I had found several 12v 3a replacements on Amazon prior to purchasing the Globtek PS from Digi-Key.

I said the same thing a few months ago, and I was almost hung

Totally agree. Current ps is a bit of a joke.
Like buying a Porsche only to discover it is fitted with a Skoda engine

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Are there any compatible 3 prong power cables like a standard amp power cable?

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I just got this

This is a 3 prong, grounded solution that works great for me. Power supply is from Parts Express w/reverse polarity adapter cable off Amazon:

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