Put Gain Reduction meter on noise gate block for all gate types

Would like to see a gain reduction meter on the noise gate blocks for all current gate types (Adaptive, Simple, & Utility). As of firmware 1.40, there is a gain reduction meter on only the ‘Input’ block’s noise gate, but none on the gate block types under the ‘Utility’ category, which can be used elsewhere in the signal chain. It would be useful anywhere a gate is used. Would be especially helpful on the “Utility” gate type, which has quite a few parameters to adjust.

Compressor gain reduction too!

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Absolutely! Definitely want to see this on the compressors as well. I thought there was already a feature request elsewhere for it, or I would have included it in this request.

Good suggestion.

FYI, already a request thread for the compression metering here:


I was about to post it here as well. Shame the request was overlooked so far despite the huge amount of votes.

The new meter on the gate gives me hope that we’ll see more of this feature pretty soon. Obviously some prerequisite work has been done.

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