GR (Gain Reduction) Meter on compression modules

I’d love to have some kind of gain reduction metering on the compression modules.
It would be very helpful in some situations to see how much one is actually compressing and also a great learning tool for beginners who are not used to hearing compression :slightly_smiling_face:

:+1: This would be very helpful


Totally agree! Being a bass player, I use compression often.
I miss not seeing those LEDs light up on my MXR M87 already!


Yup, this would be great.

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Yep, very into this

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Computer DAW’s and other modellers PC editors do this. I think the QC is uniquely built to do it on screen. I’d love this feature. Makes it so much easier to dial in a compressor.

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I really hope they will implement this feature! It would be so helpful. Especially for vocals. It is so hard to hear a compression when you are singing to the mic.

This is a must have