Output meter in all modes

It would be great if Neural could add an output meter visible on screen at all times. It would really help matching volume from preset to preset as well as making sure I have max volume possible before clipping.

It might make more sense to build that function into the desktop editor rather than use the display real estate IMO.

I like the idea of a desktop editor plus an on screen meter, and make it an option in the menu. It wouldn’t have to take much room :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would LOVE an output meter option on the main screen. Really helps when gain staging to know that it’s not clipping or atleast compare the actual volumes of scenes as you change them, sometimes switching from distortion to clean sounds louder than it actually is.


I couldn’t agree more! Meter can be optional and/or only shows up when you open a block to change parameters. Would be great for gain staging, yes, but especially a GAIN REDUCTION meter on compressor. I would get it if there was only one compressor that was supposed to function like a simple stomp box comp, but emulating an 1176? WHERES THE METER!

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Meter always visible is requested on all pedalboards…and nothing.
Qc would be the first…i hope…;-D

I agree, a meter that can be toggled at any time would be awesome

Yes this would be a great help