Profiling Kemper

Hi all, I am thinking of buying a QC but I have two or three kemper profiles on some recordings which I want to keep for overdubs etc. Has anyone profiled kemoer profiles with success and are they faithful? Any tips?

Also I have several analogue stomps including a Mesa v twin. The aim is to replace all these with stomp profiles. Has anyone had success doing this particularly with valve style overdrives like the v twin?

I’ve done it a few times - I haven’t done much direct A/B. I think it’s pretty good, but maybe not having precisely the same response? I’d have to try again to say for sure. But it does real amps very well

Overdrives work great - as long as it’s a fully wet mix (no dry signal blend)

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Thanks sounds promising. I have a fender Princeton profile which is my main ‘amp’ from TAF but I don’t own the amp sadly. I imagine the cortex has similar captures but I am so used to this one I really just want to switch it over. For me the Cortex is more about convenience, size and consolidating analogue stomps. Then I can hopefully sell my kemper rack.

if you’d like to send me a profile to try and a DI track I can reamp both for you as a comparison

Thanks for the kind offer how do I send you the profile? Never sent a profile is it through rig manager?

Are you on discord?

I capture my AXfx presets works great. Should be no problem.

I have done this and it works well and easy. I haven+t try this with the Kemper pedals but with the amps it works well.