3rd Party Profiles

Are the big profile guys going to be able to sell their profiles for the QC? Love the QC so far but miss my kemper 3rd party profiles. Friending people and hoping they friend you back just to get a capture doesnt cut it for me. Hoping 3rd party gets worked out or may just go back to kemper…

I’ve been looking for them too but no luck so far.

Tonight, I tried capturing some of the amps from my Kemper without the cabs and some DI profiles from the Kemper and it rocks. They sound spectacular really. They are not bad with the cabs either.

If you decide to try it, don’t mess around with the auto levels thing. Turn off the cab and adjust the level into the yellow and capture it. The ones I did sound fantastic and some of them seem to sound better on the QC with their cabs and FX.

Particularly good was the Cameron DIs. For a modded marshall sound better than anything in the QC lol. The QC has a way of making them sound more HiFi or something. I cant explain it exactly.

good luck

Won’t happen until Neural gets the data management straightened out. If you pay for profiles you are going to want to load them on your computer, etc.