Capturing Kemper Profiles

I’ve had a Kemper Stage for over a year and while I love the sound, the interface and myriad of options is a bit daunting to use and make performances. I bought a QC before Christmas and find the sounds are comparable with a much easier to use interface.

I set about last weekend capturing my favorite Kemper profiles to the QC and most have been indistiguishable, a few seem to be lacking presence or higher end. I tried again last night using the auto set level using a looper to “play” but the level control never stops moving even after 10 minutes of looping the same thing (power chords). I finally set the level a bit hotter than the highest level achieved by the auto level value, but still the results are a bit lacking.

I am taking the main out of the kemper stage directly into the QC. I’ve turned off everything but the amp and cab in the Kemper which as I said, on most of the Kemper profiles it is indistiguishable when I do the capture, but on profiles like Mbritt’s Victory V50 2 6 profile, it is lacking presence. As well as the Mbritt Dirty Laverne Hi 3 profile. And a few others. The Dirty Lavern Hi 1 and Hi 2 as well as the Lo 1 and Lo 3 are exact replicas from the Kemper on the QC (or sound to be) but the Hi 3 I can’t get the clarity on the higher strings on the QC capture as on the original

What am I doing wrong? Or has anyone had luck capturing directly from the Kemper on some of the higher gain profiles?

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Or any other modeller for that matter. I’m unsure on how to best go about the process to essentially cart over some of my favourite tones, does anyone capture with the cabsim on the other modeller bypassed then load the IR on the QC?

Yes. I captured a few favorites from my Kemper rack. It works quite well. You might still need to ever so slightly tweak the gain and tone after the capture to perfectly match. But I think they sound great. I haven’t tried it with any others yet.

I did, and meh, was not impressed. I have the impression that it works better with real amps, and in either case it has a few things systematically off - less gain, less dynamicity (esp in the low end), more pristine sounding than the original

I have made captures from a couple of amp, drives and plugins and for the most part like anything, it was a bit of trial and error to get things just right. While I haven’t heard any captures sourced from a Kemper, I have heard some outstanding results with others sourced from other modelers. What is your setup for capturing plugins?

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hey, these topics seem to match up pretty well so I merged the threads. Hope you all find a solution!

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