PROBLEMS with trial on protools 2019, I lok license

I downloaded trials for Fortin Its, Nolly and parallax and it fucked my ilok license. So I couldn’t even startup protools no more.
I updated it all, but this wasn’t necessary. I ended up taking the installed plug ins out of my folder and needed even disk aid from the disk utility to get it back to run pro tools.
This was really hard to find out and took me half a day…
Now ilok license is working again so I can start protools again.

But I am not able to test the plugins, which is a pity because I really like the sound in the demos.

Hello, @stefan.bracke. I’m sorry to hear that. If you wish you can contact to get help with your activation problems.

Hey Gonzalo,

Thx for the reply.

I did send a message to the support but I got no answer. I just wanted to post this because if other users experience the same… it was a mess :wink: