Licence question

Ok ive brought archetype gojira.ive downloaded ilok manager.ive also decided to put it on windows laptop.i downloaded ilok manager and put gojira onto laptop.ive now got 2 licences that i paid for and the new one says 14 day trial.
Am i doing this wrong?
So confusing.any help appreciated.

Have you tried following the steps in this video? Tutorial: Activation in Multiple Devices - YouTube
If you are able to log in to ilok manager on both devices with the same account, you should be able to activate the plugin again.

The demo and the paid version will be separate entries in your iLok account. Just ignore the demo license. Your paid version comes with 3 licenses to activate/deactivate on 3 different machines.

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Ok ive got ilok on my mac with 3 softwares.gojira,fortin,plili.
I put ilok on my windows laptop and downloaded the 3 softwares I own.
No sound at all?
Im not sure how this all works.
Thanks for all your help

Have you followed the setup for each and activated them properly? Tutorial: Setup and Activation - YouTube
If yes and there’s still no sound I would contact the support team. We can guide you towards best practices here but for troubleshooting it’s best to go through them.
Please contact them directly via email at