Problems with MIDI PC change from QC to Morningstar ML5 - no problem with external controller

I’m using the Morningstar ML5 loop switcher in front of the QC. The QC is set up in stomp mode and I want to use the QCs foot switches to activate loops on the ML5. They are connected correctly with midi. QC is set to midi channel 1. ML5 is set to channel 2 and responds to PC changes on channel 2 when I use an external midi controller connected to QC and sends midi through to the ML5. But when I assign a footswitch on the QC to send PC change messages on channel 2 using the “Preset MIDI Out” function on stomp or scene mode, the ML5 does not react to or the QC does not send these midi commands. I’m on the 2.1.1 firmware. What could be wrong?

Found out what the cause of trouble is: Seems the QC won’t pass midi through from my external midi controller connected to the QC midi in AND send midi from the QC itself. It can only do one or the other, not both :frowning:

I can’t understand why the MIDI through setting excludes MIDI out…??