MIDI foot controller w/ QC

Are we able to use a midi foot controller with the quad cortex? Being able to use a external midi foot controller would be great for those trying to keep our unit safe in a rack case.

of course you can use a MIDI foot controller.

I like the Morningstar.

6 buttons. 4 functions per button.

Until there’s an iOS app I plan to use the QC on a music stand and the Morningstar on the floor.

I can never stop tweaking.


probably the FCB-1010 for me.

I have a melo audio midi commander now and and plan on using it.

Will I need a “ midi in “ in order to use the full functions of the qc . Because I noticed it only has a midi out .

it has 2 MIDI ports: one MIDI In and one MIDI Out/Thru

This Morningstar unit interests me; the MC8. What do you currently use it with, how easy to set up, and your thoughts about how it will function with the Quad please?

The Morningstar controllers are fantastic. I have an MC6 and loved it so much I ordered an MC3 for a smaller board too.

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I’ve had the MC6 and then used the MC8 with a Fractal FM3 and it works fine. It will work equally fine with the NQC. Good products.

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I’m using it with an Axe-Fx IIXL.

The software lets you configure the buttons to just about anything.

Each preset has 2 “pages”.

For example I have a page for the looper with Record, Stop, Start, OverDub, Undo and Back (to page 1)

Also when I double tap the Stop button I toggle the click on and off.

Very flexible plus I love the small footprint.

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Well … I think you’ve sold me on it. I think the MC8 is the way to go. Many thanks to all posts.