Using Morningstar midi controller with QC demo

I did a video overview of my midi setup with the Quad Cortex. I’m using a MorningStar MC8 to control the QC while it sits on my desktop.


Thanks for this - I’ve been considering a similar setup and you’ve convinced me.

Nice video - I am finding I can not control the Quad with t he MC*=8. I just entered in the values from the library but nothing…is there a trick?

It’s pretty hard to troubleshoot this stuff remotely, but I would go back to the basics.

Have you set the correct midi channel for the QC and sending to that channel on the MC8?

Don’t program a lot of things at first, just see if you can toggle one switch to try it out and then build up from there.

The morningstar forums are super-helpful if you need to troubleshoot your setup some more.

Thanks Allan I got it. Not sure why it wasn’t connecting but it is currently working.

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