Problems uploading presets to the cloud

sorry for the stupid question from a newbie:

After I have already downloaded many great presets and captures of other users from the cloud so far, I now wanted to make some of my presets available to other users in the cloud.
The upload was no problem, I also set the presets to “public”.

The presets can also be found under “Discover”. But the item for downloading the preset is missing , only the item for share is visible.

So it is not possible to download the presets? Maybe someone makes a test with the preset “Nickelback” (username “wrudolf”) and can help me.

Something else confuses me: When I click on Discover/Users, my user account does not appear (message “No users were found. Try Presets or Neural Captures”) Is this normal?

This could be happening because you started by copying a downloaded or factory preset as the foundation for designing your own. Neural does not allow presets copied from other users, no matter how much you have edited them, to be shared publicly in the cloud. This is part of an effort by Neural to prevent intellectual property theft. If you want to share a preset publicly on the cloud, you need to create it from scratch.

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Thank you - you are right with your guess; I had indeed taken a user preset as base and modified it totally.
I didn’t know that this is not wanted. Now I know anyway, thanks for the quick answer.

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