How exactly is the community starting to share captures and presets? I understands there needs to be a mutual “friend” acceptance? How exactly is this all happening for people? How can you find out exactly what the captures are based upon? Thanks, I am so used to the Kemper and Fractal communities I am starving for more content on my QC. Love the QC, just want more to test the possibilities!


You can try searching for tags. It really depends on the people and if they are adding hashtags. If you just go by the capture name it could be tough. I look for improvements down the road.

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The smartphone app allows you to see what has been shared in the community. It’s possible to mark presets and captures as ‘public’ which allows anyone to download them without needing to be friends first. Each capture and preset has a notes section where some people document the settings they used although many times this is also in the name. You mark anything you want to download by starring it.

You upload presets and captures directly from the QC. When you tap on the preset name from the main display you’ll pull up the ‘Directory’. On the left are the ‘My Presets’ and ‘My Captures’ folders which will list your settings when pressed. For anything you want to upload simply long-press on the name and a ‘Copy to Cloud’ button will appear at the top. Drag the item to that button and it’ll upload right then.

Near the bottom of the directory is a section labeled ‘Cloud Directories’ where you can see everything you have uploaded. Below that is a section called ‘Starred and Shared With Me’ where you can see the items you’ve marked in the smartphone app for download. You just pick what you want and press the ‘Download’ button to save it to the device. It’ll go to the next slot in your personal capture/preset banks.

There’s already quite a few things that the community has provided and I’ve had a lot of fun pulling them down and experimenting with them. I also have a few captures I’ve uploaded and the QC makes it very easy to do. Hope that helps you to get started with the community.

Thanks so much! I will dive in.