Cloud Preset not loading up in QC?

So my QC doesnt show the preset on the cloud. It shows a blank screen with page 1 displayed on it.

I have to favourite the preset from the cortex app and then it shows up in the QC and then i download it.

Anyone has this annoying issue?
Wifi seems fine as it can download and displays the preset which i have selected from the phone app.
Please help

Can you be more specific? Have you uploaded the preset to the cloud? You have to select and drag the preset to the cloud button that shows up once you select etc. From there, you go into the cloud and find your profile then select the profile for public share or keep private. If you still have issues finding the preset, reach out to and they will get you sorted quickly. Also, what is your username on the cloud? I can review and see if I see your profile, preset(s) etc.

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I think this is not possible yet. So i am trying to find the other user preset from other users.
There is secrion under cloud preser which is empty.
The issue is not about my created preset.
Looks like cortex mobile app is a must to donwload and search other users uploaded preset.
Sorry i had no idea about this.

yes, you must first ‘star’ the preset or capture on the app or the cortex cloud website ( Neural DSP Technologies - Algorithmically Perfect )for it to appear on your machine; then you can DL it onto your unit. That’s the way it works presently. Some of the details may change with the upcoming CorOS 2 update

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