Can you download your own presets from the cloud?

Weird situation. I owned a QC in the past, made a few presets & sent them to the cloud, and later on sold my QC. Now, a year & half down the road, I bought another QC. I would like to get my original presets back onto this QC, but I don’t see a way to download my own presets. Is that possible?

I do have a backup out there that contains some version of those presets, but I’d prefer to keep my current, nearly stock QC and just add the handful of presets I had made, and not re-load the whole backup which also contains a lot of other older downloaded captures & presets that I maybe no longer want.

Is there some way to do this?

Assuming you are logging in with your original Neural login from when you initially uploaded your presets.

Just touch your current preset name to get into the QC’s presets menu. Scroll down to the ‘Cloud Presets’ entry under the ‘PRESETS’ heading. Any presets you uploaded should be there. Just touch the cloud icon to download them. You will be prompted so you can enter the setlist, bank, and preset you want to save to.


Awesome - that was easy. Thanks for the answer to my question.
I’m still trying to wrap my head around file management on the QC, coming from the world of working with preset files on my local disc.

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