Preset and capture downloads

For the first time I tried downloading stuff from the Cortex Cloud. It didn’t go well. Assuming user error; hoping you can tell me where.

  1. I marked some presets for download, and my QC’s Cloud Presets folder is empty. I don’t see them anywhere else, but maybe I don’t know where to look.

  2. I marked a whole bunch of captures for download, and here’s what I got on my QC:

a) They appear to all be in my Downloads folder. Okay.

b) My Cloud Captures folder is empty. Is that normal? What is that folder for?

c) My Factory Captures folder is empty. WTH? Where did they all go?

d) All the same captures as in a) appear to have populated the My Captures folder as well. What’s up with that?

Maybe I just don’t understand how it’s supposed to work, but this is really confusing to me. Can anybody set me straight? Thanks.

  1. They would be in your Presets > “DOWNLOADS” folder, just like DL’d captures are in the directory under Neural Captures> Downloads. This is a ‘holding area’ for you to audition them, then delete or permanently save them and they’ll be moved at that point.

  2. a) Correct
    b) “Cloud Captures” is for captures you create and upload for storage on the Cloud.
    c) your factory captures folder must have a filter engaged (the funnel-looking icon at the top, this folder CAN’T be empty). Click on the filter icon and select ‘show all.’
    d) “My captures” is where captures end up when you SAVE them to your unit