Log in again every time

First of all I gig with my QC and love it, but have an issue and want to rant. I can’t be the only one with this issue and I did search to see if it’s been brought up. My Quad is up to date.

The last several times I’ve tried to download presets I have to re-log in with my username and password, each time.

I am uncertain as to why I would need a super secure, 8 character password with numbers, capitals, and special characters but I am happy that no one in China will be able to hack my presets.

Can we not create a situation where my last login information comes up and I can just hit the OK button? I promise that I do not have any HIPAA protected information saved there. I believe we live in an era that will one day be described as “password hell”, I get it that fingerprint readers don’t work well for people who practice guitar a lot. By the time I got logged in I forgot what ever perfect creation I had made up in my head, but hey, that’s on me. Thank you for listening.


This drives me nuts too! It’s not a huge deal but is definitely one of the only things that I sincerely dislike about the QC.

Mine did this since day one – and suddenly stopped with the 1.4 update.

Mine is only 2 weeks old, just connected to wifi after working with it for a couple weeks to see if I wanted to keep it. Now I have to re-login every time as well; and I don’t have a simple wifi password. If this continues it will VERY annoying No other device I use requires this once connected to my Wifi. NO OTHER device! I checked and I’m up to date on the current firmware, 1.4.

I don’t have to relogin every time, but it does happen often.