Using a Cioks DC7 with what I have

Thank you for taking the time to read and help if you can.

I’m trying to confirm if a Cioks DC7 would be enough for what I need. I see it comes with a ton of cables but I’m not sure if I need to purchase additional cables if in fact a DC7 would work. Here’s what I have:

Quad Cortex (12v, 3000mA <but I am led to believe 2000mA will work>, center negative)
Eventide H9 Max (9v, says “up to” 650 mA, center positive
Sennheiser G3 Instrument Receiver (12v, 400 mA, center positive)
Dunlop GCB95Q Wah (9v, 1.8 mA <is that right!?>, center negative)
Morningstar MC6 Controller (9-12v, 120ma, center pin negative)

I know the QC will work by daisy chaining outputs. Does the Cioks come with what I need to do that? Or do I need to purchase additional cables? Same with the Eventide and the Sennheiser receiver. These things are not just run of the mill power requirements as far as I can tell. Whereas I don’t have much concern for the Dunlop or the MC6 as it appears they really don’t need much power.

Thanks again!

Thank you so much for any guidance.

It doesn’t come with the 4 into one cable. Just get the Cioks Crux for the QC and you’ll have plenty left for your other needs.

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Heya, some things to consider, as follows:

If you’re going to daisy chain 4 outlets off of the DC7 to power the QC, you’ll need to buy 3 pieces (doesn’t come with DC7) of this current doubler cable: Parallel adapter flex
This is going to use up 4 outlets on the DC7. Trouble then is that you’re only left with 3 outlets on the DC7 for the remaining stuff on your setup.

Given the power requirements of your additional 4 pedals, daisy chaining either of these doesn’t seem possible.

To that end, you can consider the 24V outlet on DC7 and the Cioks Crux to power your QC: CIOKS CRUX
That way you’ll have all 7 9V outlets available to power other units alongside your QC.


Thank you guys for your insight. I went ahead and ordered the DC7 along with the Crux.

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I installed the DC7 and Crux and so far so good. It included all the cables I needed.

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